Hi, I'm Ashley.

Coming from a creative family filled with wood workers, painters and glass workers, it is no surprise that I fell in to this category as well. When I learned later in life that my grandfather and granny were high quality photographers in their own right, I set out to learn as much as I could about photography.

Ever since I received my first camera, a 35mm given to me by my granny for my 10th birthday, I have loved capturing life through the lens. It is your life, love and moments that I seek to shoot in unique ways, while adding to and preserving the amazing memories you build throughout your life.

About Me

I'm a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls and to a very furry rescue pup. But most importantly to you, I'm a family lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Oshawa Ontario.

My husband and I met on the dance floor at a Toronto live music venue - Alleycatz - where we later held part of our wedding reception. We love to get outdoors as much as possible and explore with our family.

I have always loved exploring, and will always have a camera in hand. I had the unique experience of being in Kenya for two months at age 13, which set me up with the desire to truly know other places, not just travel to them. Photography has also developed within this desire to connect with others, the places they call home and to learn more about them.

When I want a change from all of that connection, I enjoy a really great book as well as cycling (when I'm not getting a million snacks, doing crafts or chasing my little ones outside).

Ready to Begin?